High-tech Drain Services Division

Drain Services – Jetting Division

Utilizing truly cutting edge technology, our drain services division will explore with the latest digital technology and offer the least invasive solutions. We specialize in sewer cleaning and repair, sewer and drain jetting, trenchless pipe bursting and internal pipe lining coating.

Tech Spotlight – Trenchless Technologies

Imagine being able to replace the entire water supply or drainage system without causing a major disruption in your community.

Now you can, with pipe bursting! Pipe bursting is a relatively new trenchless method which allows you to replace existing utility, water, gas and sewer piping that is either worn out or incapable of meeting your needs.

The Piping Problem

Water, sewer, gas and other utilities are in a constant state of deterioration. In most cases, water lines have become corroded to the point where they are wasting water and incapable of meeting water supply requirements. Gas lines are often made of cast-iron which not only leaks, but is incapable of handling higher capacity or pressure requirements. Because they transport aggressive and corrosive material, most sewer lines are often cracked or corroded to the point that they cannot transport the waste material without stoppages and leaking into the environment. The biggest problem is that most of these pipelines are located under buildings, roadways, parking lots where replacement by traditional open-trench methods is not as cost effective.

A Piping Solution 

Pipe bursting represents the ideal pipe rehabilitation solution for replacing and upsizing the capacity of existing pipelines while avoiding the headaches of traditional methods. Pipe bursting is the only trenchless process that enables you to revitalize your piping system without extensive excavation. Pipe rehabilitation projects involve pipe diameters of 2″ to as much as 30″ and pulls as long as 1500 feet. This technology is perfect for vitrified clay pipe, asbestos cement pipe, truss pipe, reinforced and unreinforced concrete pipe, copper pipe and cast iron pipe.